Develop School-Based Community Science Labs

Students can and should be involved in the science-informed processes of community-based cultural evolution within their own school.

Because this can be a complex task, schools should have some form of Community Science Lab (CSL), a group of students that are supported in more systematic approaches to school improvement through educational design thinking.

Possible directions:

  • Explore if there are already groups that might be able to adopt or collaborate around the tasks of a CSL. It is not important to call the group a “Community Science Lab”, that is just an option, but what is important is keeping a focus on the two very general areas identified in our Theory of School Improvement.
  • Often in can be helpful to begin by engaging students in one or more of our Conversation Starters.
  • Use our Community Science Field Guide to School Culture as a starting place for some basic concepts and ideas for further improvements.
  • Continue to develop your local CSL through social learning and cooperations within the Prosocial Schools community.