Evolving schools and communities that work for all

Prosocial Schools is a global community of students, teachers, administrators, psychologists, and education professionals.

We believe that successful communities are made up of highly cooperative groups of people, subject to social conditions that can be measured and cultivated at scale. 

We work with and are inspired by the theory and methods of Prosocial World.

OpenEvo works with Prosocial Schools to develop innovative tools and collaborations around participatory and values-based school improvement.

Contextual Behavioral Science

Contextual Behavioral Science ("CBS") is an evolutionary theory of behavior, language and thinking. The key leverage point for coordinated learning and action is changing the way we relate to our own experiences and to those of others.

Cooperation Science

Nobel Laureate Elinor Ostrom showed that groups are capable of avoiding the "tragedy of the commons" if they possess certain core design principles ("CDPs"). We apply the CDPs to the educational commons in the same way they apply to our social, economic and planetary commons.

Evolutionary Science

We humans rely on cultural evolution to navigate fast changing conditions in our world - a capacity embedded in our genes. The CDPs together with CBS foster the psychological and behavioral flexibility necessary to allow us to change and adapt and towards preferred futures.