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We actively publish our scientific outputs in peer reviewed journals in evolution education, science education, sustainability education, and the interdisciplinary human sciences. 

We are also committed to advancing open science practices in educational design research, and feature our most current preprints as well as general audience science communications media below. 

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Max Planck Society - Keynote talk

Understanding Humans, AIs, and the evolution of equitable societies

Watch OpenEvo co-founder, Dustin Eirdosh, deliver a keynote talk to members of the Max Planck Society on the role of understanding humans and AIs in education for sustainable development.


Why human behavior is at the center of education and learning 

Watch OpenEvo co-founder, Dustin Eirdosh, deliver a TEDx talk on teaching human behavior as an interdisciplinary theme.

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Frontiers for Young Minds

Our lab has produced one Frontiers for Young Minds article, as well as facilitated the Youth Review of another.

Our blog posts and articles

We have written a range of articles for general audiences interested in issues of evolution, behavior, and sustainability science education.

It’s Time to Fix Evolution’s Public Relations Problem

Evolution has a public relations problem. Not the well-known problem of evolution acceptance on religious grounds, but rather one which also includes secular and scientific communities. This is the problem of accepting the relevance of evolutionary theory for understanding the human condition.  

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Evolving Minds: Learning as Evolution, Evolution as Learning

This article explores the relationship between the scientific and vernacular use of the evolution concept as it relates to individual and social learning processes. We argue that the systematic exploration of learning as an evolutionary process, and evolution as a learning process holds untapped educational potential, a potential that is hampered by systemic conceptual biases among mainstream evolution educators. 

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Teaching evolution as an interdisciplinary science

A new Curriculum and Education article in Evolution Education Outreach argues for the educational potential of teaching evolution as an interdisciplinary science – highlighting the problems with the gene-centered and biology focused mainstream of evolution education.

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Why human behavior is at the center of education

A new TEDx talk at the Leipzig International School outlines the centrality of understanding the human condition as a focus for 21st century education. Teaching at the intersection of evolution, behavior, and sustainability science offers a new landscape for interdisciplinary learning

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