The OpenEvo ProjectBase offers a curated collection of projects that are a part of, collaborate with, and/or have helped inform our work in advancing an interdisciplinary evolution and sustainability science education.

Core OpenEvo Projects

Our open projects curating and cultivating educational innovations linking evolution, behavior, and sustainability sciences.

Understanding Agency

Tools for thinking about the origins, diversity, and flexibility of goal-directed behaviors


A collaborative project space for developing open tools for research into the evolutionary reasoning of students, experts, and AIs.


eMu is an educational design project at OpenEvo focused on exploring interdicsiplinary perspectives on the evolution of music across grades in general education.


An educational project for the development and evaluation of computer simulations and digital teaching resources supported by the Joachim Herz Foundation

Other Source, Featured, and Partner Projects

OpenEvo is building a unique knowledge synthesis spanning education and interdisciplinary human science perspectives. We curate below some key projects from around the world that actively inform our educational design concept and directions for innovative teaching materials. 

Past Projects Archive

Past projects that have contributed educational and conceptual innovations to the OpenEvo ecosystem