ChatGPT & Student Agency

How can schools leverage the power of ChatGPT models to empower students as agents in their own learning?

If you are a secondary school student or university-based pre-service teacher interested in supporting these innovations. Consider joining our project group on Hylo. 

Project goal

To develop an open science workflow and data processing infrastructure to empower students to use AI models to design, transcribe, translate, and analyze data from community science research projects about the role of ChatGPT in supporting student agency in learning.

Open science development

Digital infrastructure

Developing processes and platforms for the management and analysis of social science data, from audio transcription and translation, to text data analysis and results communication.  

Social science workflows

Using ChatGPT, text mining, and other tools, to design and improve social science methods (e.g. interview or focus group protocols) relevant to understanding student and teacher perspectives on the use of ChatGPT in education.

This evolving collection of concepts, tools, and resources is being developed to support diverse learners around the world in strengthening your own conceptual understanding of the intelligent agents that pervade our world. It is the result of a synthesis based on our OpenEvo Educational Design Concept, combined with scientific inspiration from the Diverse Intelligences Summer Institute and Prosocial Schools

We welcome collaborations with students, teachers, and researchers interested in advancing the educational potential of understanding agency.

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