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A Collaborative from the OpenEvo Educational Innovation Labs

Cultivating the democratic the evolution of chatbots in schools!


The OpenEvo ChatBot Nursery is a unique student-driven initiative aiming to democratize the process of how schools use artificial intelligence technology for school improvement. This global project is working to leverage the creative energies of school communities and student groups worldwide in flexibly exploring questions related to chatbot use and development for their local curriculum. In the process, we will be helping to democratize the code, tools, and knowledge bases that power educational chatbots in schools around the planet.  At its core, the initiative will generate and curate an open code base, thus making state-of-the-art AI technology accessible to all, in a critical and participatory fashion. We’re not just creating a network of student leaders; we’re building a rich resource repository that includes open datasets and open educational resources, fostering an ecosystem for effective use of these emerging technologies in schools.

The Bing chatbot produced an image
to reflect our ChatBot Nursery concept, as a place where students can work learn how to participate in the development and evolution of chatbot systems in their own school communities.

Extending our landscape of educational design and community science

Our vision for the OpenEvo ChatBot Nursery is part of our expanding landscape of educational innovation research, based on our twin-lab models. Our Educational Design Lab provides tools and processes for improving the educational content of schools, while our Community Science Lab provides tools and processes for participatory school improvement. Our ChatBot Factory is a resource for both labs, providing the basic infrastructure to reflectively build and analyze the chatbots that are evolving within our educational ecosystems.

Our aim is an open source, open access ecosystem for educational innovation!

Empowering every student in every school to have access to a chatbot that reflects their own interests as well as regional and global values is central to the mission of the OpenEvo ChatBot Nursery. Importantly we do not aim to be “the” ChatBot Nursery to the world, rather, our aim is to foster an open ecosystem of code, tools, and knowledge for local communities to construct their own customized chatbot ecosystems.

Code base

Curating and innovating a database of open source code for the construction of custom chatbots will enable a richly democratized ecosystem for school communities around the world.


Curating and innovating a database of open source methods for generating, evaluating, and refining elements of our chatbot nursery ecosystem will enable continuous improvement of our resources.

Data sets

Curating and innovating a database of open data sets that have explicitly documented “provenance” or source and history, will empower school communities to make decisions that matter based on knowledge they can trust.

Educational resources

Curating and innovating a database of open educational resources informed by this work will ensure the continous development of skills among individuals that contribute to this global common good.

You can contribute to the global good by creating a local ChatBot Nursery

How can you get involved? Students around the world are invited to help us advance our aims within the OpenEvo ChatBot Nursery.

What skills do you have or want to develop? A school-based ChatBot Nursery provides limitless opportunities to demonstrate learning that you find valuable. Explore the roles that can be developed within a school-based ChatBot Nursery on the right, and connect with our global network on Hylo to learn more about developing opportunities for learning and collaboration.

Roles in a school-based ChatBot Nursery

Every school-based ChatBot Nursery needs one, and preferably, many students working together, to drive the vision and coordination of the various elements. 

Data science is central to the functioning of a school-based ChatBot Nursery. A student database manager can help recruit, train, and direct students in developing needed aspects of the code base for your school.

Engaging with other students, teachers, or even parents, is critical to produce and reflect on the data that informs local ChatBot systems. Community scientists can learn simple social science methods to drive processes that ensure the local chatbots are providing accurate and valued information and guidance.

Get involved!

If you are a student (16+ years old), a teacher, or researcher, interested in our work developing school-based ChatBot Nurseries for educational innovation, then please fill out this form to join us

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