About OpenEvo

Dustin Eirdosh, PhD

Co-Founder, OpenEvo

Educational Innovation Coordinator, Department of Comparative Cultural Psychology, 

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

Research overview

I am interested in educational innovation research related to teaching and learning at the intersection of evolution, behavior, and sustainability science. Working through collaborations across scientific institutions, international non-profits, and local classrooms, our projects use human social behavior as a conceptual lens for interdisciplinary education.

Together with my wife and core  collaborator, Dr. Susan Hanisch, we have built the OpenEvo design concept, research model, and content ecosystems from the ground up. Our unique vision for the interdisciplinary learning potential of evolutionary anthropology continues to drive the leading edge of educational innovation across many traditional subject areas.

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My keynote talk to the Max Planck Society in July 2023 on the role of understanding human agency in the evolution of more equitable and sustainable societies.

Educational innovation interests

The scope of my interests may apprear broad, however, this diversity of topics is uniquely brought into a tractable focus through our interdisciplinary educational design concept

Interdisciplinary education

  • Evolution education
  • Psychological / Social-Emotional Learning
  • Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligences
  • Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Teaching for transfer of learning and conceptual understanding

  • How can students develop deeper understandings of (arguablygeneralizable concepts relevant to evolutionbehavior, and sustainability sciences?
    (e.g.  adaptation, agency, behavior, cognition, cooperation, culture, design, development, evolution, goal, information, intelligence, learning, system, sustainability, theory)

Community science for understanding and improving school cultures

  • How can students become empowered as researchers and co-designers of meaningful school improvements through conceptual learning and participatory open science methods?

Teacher education and development

  • How can pre-service and in-service teachers become empowered as researchers and co-designers within the frame of our Educational Design Concept?