Our editorial board

Our community science journal aims to be a unique publication, bridging academic rigor with community-based application. Our approach works towards integrating machine learning (i.e. AI) and data science methods in qualitative content analysis, with novel approaches to participatory educational systems improvement

Our editorial board is composed of diverse academic, professional, and youth leaders. 

Connect with us if you are interested in applying to serve on the editorial board.

Topical editors

Responsible Design Science Research:
Alexander Herwix, M.Sc.

Teacher collaborations:
Anna G.

School-based collaborators

Diana S.

Silke H.

Community-based collaborators

Simona W.

Youth mentors (18+, university-based or other expert role)

Anton G.

Luise R.

Oznur O.

Youth leaders (16-18, school or other learning environments)