Democratizing education through the voices of youth, educators, and school communities,
in collaboration with interdisciplinary researchers around the world.

An open journal for a better future

Evolving Schools is being launched as a space for the publication of a diverse range of participatory perspectives, student research reports, and academic research. All of our articles and datasets focus, in diverse ways, on the nature and future of education around the world. Our aim is to provide collaborative supports for the development and improvement of student-led scholarship on effective strategies for educational systems improvement – from individual experiences and motivations, to global policies and perspectives. 

Learn more about the scope of our publication, and begin to plan your project today! 

Our scope

Academic publications in the community science journal

We welcome submissions at multiple tiers and stages of research, related to participatory approaches in school and community improvement.

A data repository for youth and expert perspectives
We strongly encourage youth from all language and cultural backgrounds, from around the world, to consider submitting your voice and perspective to the discussion on pressing issues in school improvement. 

Our journal is a global community science research project

Uniquely, our journal is not simply an output of academic research or school-based project work, but it also serves as a contribution to a global community science research project to understand and empower youth as agents of your own learning

Using advances in machine learning (i.e. “AI“), including (but not limited to) open source and data secure LLMs (i.e.”ChatBots“), the database of submitted articles and data to Evolving Schools can provide a powerful source of insights to feedback into your local discussions about what matters in educational systems improvement for you and your communities.  

Our digital publication platform is coming soon...

We anticipate piloting our platform in with selected partners soon. While we aim to open submission processes to schools and academics globally, during our pilot development, we are limited to working with a smaller cohort of collaborators. 

Contact us if you want to help your school contribute to this global effort.