MethodsBase for Understanding Agency

Understanding Agency is an interdisciplinary OpenEvo project working to develop educational innovations related to the scientific and practical understanding of goal-directed behaviors, across humans, non-human organisms, and Artificial Intelligences

How humans develop our reasoning about the diversity of intelligent agents around us is a matter of scientific and practical interest. You can contribute to our global understanding of this foundationally important aspect of human development and cultural evolution.

Explore our evolving collection of resources to develop your own investigations into the human understanding of agency in humans, non-human organisms, and computational agents. Understanding Agency is a new project and a novel frontier in educational design research, and therefore our collection is still in its infancy, with most materials in exploratory development or piloting. If you know of other scientific methods relevant to this work, or are working to develop your own, please contact us to grow a more coordinated approach to research in this space.

Learn more about the potential of Understanding Agency as an interdisciplinary concept, and a focus for school improvement!

Featured Methods

The following methods have been developed by OpenEvo or our collaborating partners, as indicated.

A School Fit for Humans?

A questionnaire or interview protocol to capture conceptions about the Self-Directed Education model of school design


A collaborative project space for developing open tools for research into the evolutionary reasoning of students, experts, and AIs.

Relevant Projects

The following ProjectBase entries also include relevant methods.

Children & Nature

Investigating the development and variation of attitudes children and young people have towards animals across diverse societies.