A Teacher’s Guide to Evolution, Behavior, and Sustainability Science

One of the core educational opportunities provided by the evolution, behavior and sustainability sciences is the rich interdisciplinary nature of their core concepts, principles, methods, and skills.

How can you engage your students in understanding these concepts and developing these skills?

Our creative commons teacher’s guide is a great place to start! 

Providing a fun and easy read, the guide will walk you through the big picture of current scientific thinking across evolution, behavior and sustainability science, in ways that are relevant for students of all ages, across traditional school subjects.

The guide provides you with a foundation for using the wealth of resources on GlobalESD.org (the project which led to OpenEvo) to begin designing lessons or units that work for you and your students.

The teacher’s guide is an evolving document – so please, contact us, if you have ideas, comments, questions, or feedback of any kind. We are available to think with you about how to implement ideas from the guide in your school and classroom.

Our Teacher’s Guide helps to illuminate our Educational Design Concept, which is further operationalized within our Design-Based Research Model, all of which contribute to tools for clarifying and investigating our underlying Theory of School Improvement