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A community-based field site region for evolving minds, schools, and communities

Leipzig is home to OpenEvo, as well as our collaborators, partners, students, and the diverse citizens of our city. We are in the early stages of working towards understanding and innovating processes of community-based cultural evolution in Leipzig through educational innovation projects focused on understanding human origins, diversity, and flexibility!

School Collaborators

We are interested in collaborating with Leipzig school students, teachers, and classrooms that are interested in understanding humans and the world around us in ways that help us create a more preferred future for all.

Selected focal problems

Our current focal problems within the OpenEvo CSL.

Selected improvement aims

Here we share two high-level school improvement themes we are working towards within the OpenEvo CSL. 

Regional Workshop Models

As part of the Evolving Schools project, we are working to engage and improve a selection of regional workshop models for participatory school improvement.

Community-Based Field Site Activities and Projects

Community Science Lab

Community Science Lab In unserem Community Science Lab arbeiten Schüler:innen an Projekten, um Bereiche ihrer Schulgemeinschaft zu verstehen und zu verbessern. Was ist Community Science?