Evolving Schools Regional Workshop Model

Participatory School Profiles

An Evolving Schools Regional Workshop Model on the participatory development of school profiles that can inform school improvement and global innovation research collaborations.

Guiding Questions

How can students and teachers work to develop and sustain a school profile that supports participatory school improvement and global research collaborations?

How can student-driven community science projects feed into the continual development of our school profile?

Workshop Design Principles

The workshop design principles within Evolving Schools Regional Workshop Models help provide a coordinated focus for developing locally adapted and innovated variants on the theme. These principles are themselves evolving on the basis of collaborative insights from those who work on the topic. 

If you are interested in developing a regionally adapted workshop on the theme of participatory school profiles, contact our Evolving Schools researcher below:

Workshops on the topic of Participatory School Profiles should engage participants in the following processes:

  • Learning about the value and pathways for developing participatory school profiles (PSP)
  • Exploring local resources for developing a PSP for our school
  • Exploring and developing local strategies for engaging stakeholders in improving our school’s PSP
  • Identifying possible next steps, including:
    • Development of more targeted community science investigations 
    • Sharing of findings with school stakeholders and leadership