Cross-Species Comparison

What can we learn from our biologically close and distant relatives about human evolution, behavior, and sustainability?

Comparing traits of humans and other species helps us understand the causes of our behaviors and the principles of cooperation and sustainability.

Humans seem to be a "strange" species....

Do other species do similar things? Why or why not?

Humans are living beings, mammals, primates, and apes. Like all other living beings, we need resources to survive, grow and produce offspring. Like all other living beings, we exist in interaction with our environment. Like many other social species, we depend on our social environment to survive and raise our offspring. 


Social life, however, brings with it many challenges and potential for conflict: How should available resources be divided? Who should contribute how much to food provision, to the care of offspring, and to other vital functions? Who decides what should be done? How do we sustain ourselves, our offspring, our livable environment?


What can we learn from other organisms and groups of organisms about how to overcome these challenges of sustainable coexistence? How can we translate these insights to the challenges facing our environment and the global society?