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DNA-V International

DNA-V is an evidence-based model that promotes psychological strength, and that values consistent living, vitality, and success. It is designed to help people cope with challenges, stress, and change. DNA-V can be thought of as a combination of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and positive psychology, and is underpinned by contextual behavioural science. The model is continually being updated as new evidence comes in.

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The original German EvoKids project. Knowledge of evolution is of central importance for the modern worldview. Therefore, children should learn as early as possible how the different forms of life on earth have developed. For this reason, the “Evokids” project is committed to ensuring that the important topic of “evolution” is not only taught in the 10th grade – as has been the case up to now – but already in elementary school. Read More »

The Jena Declaration

To mark the 112th Annual Meeting of the German Zoological Society in Jena, the Institute for Zoology and Evolutionary Research of Friedrich Schiller University Jena is organising an evening event on the subject of ‘Jena, Haeckel and the question of human races, or racism creates races’.

The joint declaration below provides information on this topic and was approved by the German Zoological Society and the President of Friedrich Schiller University Jena, who support the authors in their effort to act against scientific legitimations of racism.

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Darwin Tunes

Darwin Tunes was a project in the 2010’s. DarwinTunes was developed as a digital test-bed for the evolution of music, the oldest and most widespread form of culture; and, thanks to your participation, they have shown that reasonably complex and pleasing music can evolve purely under selection by listeners.

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