MPI-EVA Open ChatBot Data Project

Your expertise can empower an open ecosystem of education

Let’s create an open data set of scientifically adequate conversational data capable of powering democratically designed and open sourced ecosystems of educational chatbots.

How to contribute

  • Talk with ChatGPT and/or any open source chatbot (e.g. about the topics of your research. Discuss topics you are most passionate, interested, and critical about. 
  • Think critically about the responses from the chatbot(s)
  • Document your chatbot conversation and annotated commentary in one of our data templates
  • Submit as many annotated conversations as you are motivated to help with!

The link below will bring you to a dedicated share drive folder within MPI-EVA, accessing it requires an active email address. 

Researchers without an MPI-EVA affiliation are very much invited to contribute via our public platform, the Evolving Schools Community Science Journal.