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Discoverer, Noticer, Advisor Resources on the DNA-V model Psychologists Louise Hayes and Joseph Ciarocchi have developed the DNA-V model. It contains the metaphors of
This activity lets students explore the six different values domains by considering why we humans might have evolved to find these areas of life
Students learn about the concept of evolutionary mismatch and apply it to various problems of sustainable development.
Teaching resources and information for learning about the concept of evolutionary mismatch in human behavior and its potential role in sustainable development
The School Portrait is a framework for capturing and reflecting on various dimensions of school. It can serve as a rapid assessment tool, or
The Youth Mayors Field Guide supports students to conduct projects for investigating local problems and developing solutions. The Field Guide focuses on skills for
This model simulates the evolution of populations in an environment that is spatially structured. In such a situation, several evolutionary mechanisms operate, including migration,