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The science behind sustainable behaviors – ISTE Global Collaboration Network Webinar

Today’s global society faces major challenges in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, including sustainable resource use, social equality, and providing access to good education, health and human well-being for all.

What can we learn from the communities of the world, from our evolutionary history, from our everyday behaviors and experiences, and from other living beings about how to master these challenges of cooperation and sustainability?

In this webinar, find out how Global ESD works internationally to support sustainability education initiatives that connect concepts in human evolution, behavioral ecology, and sustainability science. By linking scientific perspectives on social change with students and classrooms seeking to make the world a better place, our aim is to foster a global discussion about where we are going in the light of where we all have come from.

Join Dustin Eirdosh and Susan Hanisch in this month’s ISTE Global Collaboration PLN Webinar to understand the learning opportunities in behavioral science perspectives for teaching sustainability science in K-12.

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