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The original German EvoKids project. Knowledge of evolution is of central importance for the modern worldview. Therefore, children should learn as early as possible
Clarifying values and sense of purpose can be a strategy for improving school culture, academic, and social-emotional learning.
Payoff matrices can help us analyze the behavioral strategies and possible outcomes in diverse situations across biology and society.
Causal mapping helps us reflect on the interdependent relationships between agents and entities within complex systems.
Analogy mapping is a tool for thinking about similarities and differences between different concepts or phenomena.
What can we learn from computer models about human evolution, behavior, and sustainability? Computer models allow us to observe and investigate the influence of
Human Evolution Resources Evolution of endurance running Many features of our body and our physiology suggest that they are not merely adaptations to upright
Human Evolution Resources Emotions What is an emotion? What are emotions? How would you define the term? What characterizes emotions? What are some examples