Leipzig Youth Congress

We are working to invite selected teams of Leipzig students to the 2023 Leipzig Youth Congress. 

We are still in the early planning stages so bookmark this page and check back in the summer of 2022 for more information. 

We are currently developing strategies to support students in integrating Evolving Schools project work into your regular school program. Generally, we expect to select students and teams interested in making a difference in the world by thinking critically and creatively about the role of schools in society.  

  • Students in Leipzig grades 9-12
  • Classrooms in Leipzig grades 9-12
Students can work on the projects in German or other languages, but must have team leaders that can work in English to collaborate with our community science lab and international collaborators.

Individual students may join our planning and development commission. We will meet either at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology and/or online, and work to organize and co-design this event during the 2022-23 school year.

Student teams and classrooms can develop a community science project, looking at the big questions regarding how to make schools systems that are workable and optimal for all, individual students, teachers, as well as local communities and global society as a whole. We do this by training and experimenting with Regional Workshop Models of school-based innovation.

From these workshop themes, your team will identify and develop a focused project and concept for evolving the future of your own school! 

Scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology and university student researchers will support student teams in going through the project process.

May-August 2022: Individual students can apply to join the ESSI Leipzig Youth Congress planning and development team

September 2022: Launch outreach to schools in Leipzig about the ESSI Leipzig Youth Congress

December 2022: Student team registrations

January – May 2023: Student teams develop their Evolving Schools project idea

  • Teams meet with expert partners ~2 times during this period
  • Teams prepare a presentation of their concept 

June 2023: Student teams present and celebrate success at the Leipzig Youth Congress within the Evolving Schools Summer Institute!

More information coming soon!

Evolving Schools

We are interested in the big questions about the nature of schooling as it relates to human origins, diversity, and flexibility.

Regional Workshop Models

Regional Workshop Models are collections of resources and ideas for teacher education and school innovation research groups to organize around as part of local school improvement strategies.

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